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First Size-based Technique for the Study of Living Cells


Using nanodot technology, Lab researchers demonstrated the first size-based form of chromatography for studying the membranes of living cells. This unique physical approach to probing cellular membrane structures reveals critical information that can’t be obtained through conventional microscopy. »

In Memoriam: Andrew Sessler, Former Lab Director, Acclaimed Physicist and Humanitarian

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Andrew Sessler passed away April 17, following a long illness. He was 85. Sessler was a visionary in accelerator and energy sciences, and was instrumental in the worldwide effort to liberate scientists suffering from political oppression. Said Lab Director Paul Alivisatos,
“Andy Sessler changed the face and character of our Laboratory. He successfully made the case for science to aid our country during its first energy crisis and helped establish the Lab’s efforts that brought about important technologies and standards that have improved the way we conserve and consume energy.” »

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Edison - A New Cray Supercomputer Advances Discovery at NERSC

When a supercomputing center installs a new system, users are invited to make heavy use of the computer as part of the rigorous testing. In this video, find out what top scientists have discovered using Edison, a Cray XC30 supercomputer, and how NERSC’s newest supercomputer will accelerate their future research. »